M + C

9.6.20 ~ Historic Jasmine, Providence Forge, VA 

Margherita and Chaz got married on Labor Day weekend.

Margherita wanted a very neutral color palette with white, blush, and greenery with a few pops of blue.

Margherita wore a stunning lace wedding gown while Chaz wore a navy 3 piece suit (absolutely here for a waistcoat!) with a floral tie in the overall color palette! The bridesmaids wore sage green dresses which inspired a lot of eucalyptus in the floral designs and the groomsmen looked dapper in suspenders and floral ties as well!

I am obsessed with the pergola installation we did for their ceremony! A natural and organic spray of flowers across just the center of their ceremony backdrop.

(Also, a bonus if you include your dog in your wedding!!)