C + J

11.19.22 ~ Burlington Wedding and Events

Casey and Jeff loved the bohemian vibe and wanted lots of pampas grass, pinks, whites, and creams with some eucalyptus.

Her bouquet was quite stunning with all the boho elements including dried poppy pods and strawflowers, pampas grass and bunny tails, wax flowers, and the prettiest mauve pink lisianthus you’ve ever seen!

We also did 3 different guest table centerpieces. One, an elevated pampas and eucalyptus arrangement atop gold stands. Another, a gold compote arrangement. And the third, a cluster of bud vases. Votive candles were also placed on each table.

But my favorite floral element was the asymmetrical free form floral backdrop for their ceremony. It was such a show stopper and secrets be told, I kept it up in my house for weeks after their event because I loved it so much!

But I also need to mention their reception entrance!! We put smilax greenery on the stair railing starting about halfway down and candles at the bottom of the stair. Cold sparklers lit up as the newly married couple entered the reception! What a moment! 

These two were so much fun and I wish them a lifetime of happiness!